Different APAC markets require particular marketing approaches. Vaxis suffered from an ineffective marketing presence in the US. The existing website spoke to the wrong audience, and the US audience had specific needs that weren't being addressed (core products used, warranty, service). Vaxis needed a new marketing approach to position itself effectively in the US and support new product launches.

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Forge partnered with Vaxis leadership to develop an 18-month strategic plan governed by major milestones. Target audience, competitive landscape and market analysis led to the development of a foundational brand position, identity and message. From here, product launches and marketing support were planned, targeting a 2022 major industry event for their relaunch.


New brand/product video and image content was leveraged to support a new product launch livestream event. Learning from the livestream, the messaging was refined to support a comprehensive brand experience and e-commerce website that launched just prior to their successful US market reintroduction at the 2022 Cinegear industry trade show.

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