What if we could answer consumers’ most common questions while demonstrating how to put the CareCredit credit card to use in real-world scenarios? Well, that’s just what we did. We created an upbeat video campaign, stylized & lighthearted in tone. By providing something easily consumable, informative, and fun to watch, we reimagined their FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) in a visual way that people can enjoy. There’s even a good chance they’ll learn more than they came for!

CareCredit FAQs - Your Way to Pay for Health & Wellness


Using top SEO questions driven by extensive research data, we crafted the story. Five unique characters, within their own themed environments, showing their individual challenges – each representing a different category to demonstrate how the utility of the CareCredit credit card solved their issues.

Market Category Cutdowns


Cosmetic Surgery

Pet Care & Dental

Can I use it for Vision Dental Pet Care Cosmetic Surgery Hearing ?

Social Media Support


Due to proper planning, we were able to gather over 20 various deliverables, from the main video to specific category breakdowns to individual social support clips to digital ads, to specific imagery pulled from the footage.

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