September 14, 2020by FMG

We don’t follow, we forge.

Forge Media Group does not waste time; we don’t wait for a trend to come around and then decide if we want to play along. We don’t follow the group or go with the flow.

We forge our way. We create our own path and execute.

This mindset allows us to take chances. While the industry has been slowly adopting 4k resolution over the past several years, we have been shooting in 8k. As a matter of fact, 8k is merely the starting point at Forge Media Group. It’s not uncommon to have projects finished in 11k. Some projects that we aren’t able to share publicly yet are finishing in 28k… and we finished shooting for those projects last year. 


Operating to this capacity requires investing heavily not only in the camera gear and hardware, but even more so in time and knowledge.

We have to conceptualize, test, and quickly master new methods. Working on projects of this scale, pushes the limits of what software and computers can handle to their greatest capacities. In our last article we talked about how we often have to engineer our tools ourselves. When it comes to our technology we also chose to “forging the way” by starting from scratch, and building to our needs. And when 32 cores and 64 threads at over 3.9 GHz with 256GB of ram is nowhere near the power needed to execute, we get excited. When Google results show up empty and there are no YouTube tutorials on how to export 28k resolution, we know we are in the right place. We’re not afraid of these types of challenges because they help us gauge where we are as a company.

Operating at this level is not for everyone. It requires the team to believe in themselves and the company. It requires committed investment into time efficiency, money, innovation, and knowledge.

This is what we mean when we say, “we forge our path”. We could choose the easy way out, but that’s not in our DNA.

The investment in ourselves is what makes the work we produce worth the challenges. For us, without the risk, there is no real reward. To be proud of the work we do and excited about each new day is why Forge Media Group never looks back but continues to forge ahead. Pushing these technologies and methods help us stay nimble and deliver experiences no one else can offer.


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