September 14, 2020by FMG

Forged in Fire – Literally.


At Forge Media Group, the word “forge” takes on several definitions.

There is a deeper meaning, for example, the relationships we forge with our clients. Here we believe that

As iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another.


There is also a metaphorical meaning. We take your ideas, the wrought iron, the raw material, and we shape those ideas into the tools you need to build your brand and tell your story. Every single empire was built on the face of an anvil, we are that anvil.


Sometimes we take the definition of “forge” in the literal sense. When you don’t set limits on creativity, you are pushed to engineer the tools you need to execute those ideas. You can’t go to the store and buy a device that will launch fruit exactly at the same pace at the same time with calculated velocity, repeatedly, at the push of a button. Every client’s needs are different and pose new challenges for us to overcome. That is why we forge our own tools. We understand the value of being able to execute complicated things in a timely fashion. We recognize that versatility and adaptability are crucial to the creative process.

We don’t set limits; we know that we can engineer whatever

is needed to shape your ideas into the tools you need.

That is why we build from scratch, that is why we

take the time and invest.

These meanings and phrases are more than just catchy marketing terms on our website. They are actually woven into the fabric of our company, lived out by the team that is here. Whether you look at the deeper meaning of the word “forge”, the metaphorical meaning, or in this case the literal definition of the word, one thing remains certain: at Forge Media Group, we are visual engineers ready to create.


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